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Family Tree

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A relationship calculator to answer the ancient question "But HOW are we related?"

# of Individuals in the database: 3,225

The expanded database has allowed us to see connections between families that we couldn't see before.  We have added all the individuals listed in the Sefer Vladimirets and many listed in Yad Vashem pages of testimony.   Significant additions were also made by additional interviews and contributions from Vladimirets descendants. 

Vladimirets Family Tree

Database Listing

 "The Nazis and their collaborators sought to murder each and every Jew and to obliterate their memory. Where the attempt to annihilate was made, there must be the attempt to remember." -- quote at Yad Vashem. 
Through this database, we hope to account for every family, every person in Vladimirets.  By giving them back their names and putting them back in their place in the Family Tree, all the effort that was made to obliterate them becomes worthless.  We cannot bring them back or truly understand what was lost, but we can remember what we can and embrace them as the family they are.  In Vladimirets, we were all connected, whether by blood, by marriage or by relationship.  This database and website hopes to show that we still are. 

Table of Contents

The main database is now available HERE

Graphic Family Trees Because the database contains individuals not attached to trees, and because the trees themselves are so intertwined, we can really only do graphics for descendants from a specific individual.  We can generate these trees for any name in the database, so if yours isn't shown, just ask.  Happy to run the report for you. The files are in Adobe pdf format All pdf files open in a new window.  A link to Adobe Reader is provided here.


Note 1:  The database lists women first by their maiden name, then by their married name.  So if we don't have their maiden name, the database leaves it blank and lists them as "No Surname".  In the Surname Index, they are grouped together as "No Surname".

Note 2:  This is NOT the final format for the database. We have tried over a dozen different genealogy programs, but so far, all of them lack something critical.  We are working to find a genealogy program that generates webpages and can handle Jewish requirements.  Maybe even with Hebrew, if we can get it working correctly. 

Note 3:    Individuals are listed with the spelling most often used, so the name or spelling may change across generations or even across time by an individual.

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