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We have adopted the JewishGen standard of using the current location of  towns. So your grandfather may have been born in Poland and your mother was born in Russia, but if the town is currently in the Ukraine or Belarus, that's how it is listed.  The most common spelling is used for consistency across the website, usually the Russian spelling instead of the Polish or Ukrainian spelling.  Once again, we standardized to JewishGen's Shtetl Seeker.


We tried to use the most recognizable spelling, but there are still variations.  When a person used two versions of their name (e.g. Chizi became Chase in the USA, Chizi or Hizi in Israel, and is often Chajet in Europe and South America), the second name is noted in parentheses.  Variations may also be noted because we're not sure how the person pronounced their name.  Feel free to make corrections.


The original list from the Sefer Vladimirets was incomplete because if they weren't sure what happened to the person, they certainly wouldn't list them -- then the Angel of Death might find them and make it true. 

There are many more Vladimiretsers lost in the Shoah who are listed in the Yad Vashem database, as are people who were born in Vladimirets but died elsewhere and people who were born elsewhere and ended up dying in Vladimirets.  We are trying to account for everyone in Vladimirets during the Shoah.  It could be anywhere from 1,300 to 3,000 Jews. 

Sometimes someone is entered into the database to show a complete family group (e.g. the family moved from Pinsk to Vladimirets with 2 children, had 3 more.  The older children got married and moved away, but the youngest died with his/her parents.)  We can't ignore the older children, so they get entered if we find them. This will especially help descendants reconnect with those who were lost during the Shoah. 

As we began to understand how the family trees of Vladimirets intertwined, we often see family members move to another town, sometimes using a variation of the family name. [Although there is always a story that "the name was changed to avoid conscription into the Army", that stopped working very quickly and people usually moved for economic reasons.]  Names often got mangled or Anglicized/Hebraicized and they didn't really think it mattered, so they used whatever was easier.   There are many family connections between Vladimirets and Rafalovka, Olizarka and Sarny.  We try to include the families as completely as we can. 

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