Young people / For maintaining Israel's existencePioneers/Vanguard (see details)HaShomer Ha’Zair (Zionist Youth Group)Penina Tserniak / HaShomer Ha'ZairBetar (Zionist Youth Group)B'nai Brith / Meir BarilGroup from the Youth Guards (HaShomer Ha'Zair)HaShomer Ha’Zair (Zionist Youth Group)Betar (Zionist Youth Group)HaKhalutzA memorial at the burial of the dead.Grave of the dead (mass grave)Chevurah KedushahBecause of ignorance they were killedZelda Bas and her son Natan -- their last letters (letters written in yiddish)Yakov-Bar Zaltzman, killed in combat with the Germansimg035.jpgDetroit Landsmanshaften Meeting
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Young people / For maintaining Israel's existence