See Details for long descriptions when availableLifsha and Shea Chizi - 1926Miriam (L) and Rifka (R) with their father Shea Chizi - 1926Rifka Chizi & Louis Barill engagement pictureRifka Chizi, 1926Rifka Chizi - circa 1922Lifsha Chizi -- formal portraitChaya & Max ShukenSaul Gooze & Louis Barill, Detroit 1922Norm Baril w/ Rifka Chase in background (1926)1927 - Rifka Chizi & Louis Barill at Belle Isle, MI  USARifka Chizi at Belle Isle 1927Louis Barill at Belle Isle, Michigan (1927)Rifka & Miriam Chase at a picnic (1926)Belle Isle 1927Eileen & Norm Baril 1926Rifka Chizi circa 1926Rifka_Louis_engagement_2.jpg
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See Details for long descriptions when available